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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Re-rigging halyard and maintenance

A couple weeks ago I moved the PT Puffin into the garage. Last weekend, I did some maintenance, including epoxying the skegs and re-attaching the UHMW skeg protectors.

This weekend, I decided I wanted to re-rig the halyard. I've long used the method proscribed in the plans -- run the halyard through the block at the pick point of the top yard and the tie a bowline just around the mast. The bowline loop travels up the mast with only a little resistance. This works fairly well.

I wanted it a little bit easier to rig, so I thought about parrel beads on a traveler.
I couldn't find any good size beads laying around the house. I have a 3d printer at my house, so I printed up some ABS beads sized just right.
My printer jammed up and didn't print a few of the beads, but most turned out well.
I have some dyneema that I used for my soft shackles.

3d printed parrel beads
 The beads needed a bit of sanding and cleanup.
Here you can see a couple unfinished beads.
 I had a bronze ring that was just perfect.

I used hot knife to trim one side.

Finished product
Now it slides up and down very well and is rigged just about exactly the same.

I'm itching to go for the first sail of the year, but it won't be next weekend. Maybe soon though.

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