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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Cabin top edges cleaned up and fiberglassed

Luckily, the weather is still cooperating and staying warm enough to work.

I was able to clean up and round off the corners of the cabin tops. I was nervous about this step because there are no good instructions and I didn't know how I wanted it to look, but I cut the cleats and just started using the shinto to shape the corners. It worked great and I was happy.
Using a plane, I was able to get the sides nice and straight, except for the starboard aft corner. See later.

Detail of the corner. It looks messy here. Sanding fixed it.

Again, it looks messy, but sanding cleaned it up.

overall view

The edges

port side with doubler
 Except the starboard side. The cabin sides were just a bit short on that side. WoodnMetalGuy had a similar problem. I think the seats to B4 are measured a single plywood width wrong. It's about 6-9 mm I had to fix. But it's easy to recover. I did almost exactly what WoodnMetalGuy did, just put a piece of filler in there.
He had some problems with the cabin top, but my cabin top just needed a bit of filler.
I used some masking tape to make a dam in that corner and just filled the corner with fillet mix. Later I sanded it and shaped it to match the rest of the roof. Not a problem.
Starboard side I had to add an extra filler of wood and a tape dam to fill a little bit of the roof top
 I let that glue dry and cut off the excess with a flush cut saw. It will take some extra work to get those edges smooth and fair, but it shouldn't take too long.
Inside of starboard

this corner got cleaned up

The cabin top cleaned up

Finally, late last night, I put on the fibreglass and wet it out. I trimmed and recoated this morning. This evening, I'll do another coat, this time with 410 and some white pigment.
First layer of glass

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  1. Looks like you're making good progress, Jeff. It's nice to get over the hurdle of getting the roof on!