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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Details: non skid floors, yoga mat seat covers, neoprene mouse pad mast pad

A couple small items and things we've done.
First is the non-skid sticky tape that I put down on the floor. It works very well. Left a lot of sand to clean up in the first few days, but highly recommended.

non skid tape

non skid tape in the foot well (very dirty after first sailing)
I still don't have a good drainage strategy. I'm considering putting andersen mini bailers down there in the footwell, but I have to get up the courage to put a hole in the bottom of the hull.
stainless eye for trailering

cleats for uphaul and downhaul

red scamp lantern (not happy with this and I will repaint it)
My wife complained about the hard seating on the first day she sat in the final boat. So we had the idea of a yoga pad cut in half. Here it is rolled up.
Yoga mat
And this last picture shows the yoga pads in place. You can also see an automotive 12v battery analyzer in the circuit breaker panel. It displays the battery health.

yoga pads and 12v battery meter.

I didn't get any pictures, but I got worried about the mast hitting the bottom of the mast box floor and eventually wearing through the fiberglass so I cut an old neoprene mouse pad and put that in the bottom of the mast box just inside the mast hole. Seems to work fine.

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  1. Jeff, I don't remember your footwell...is it new? Also, I love the yoga mats. I'm going to do the same thing. Let's sail Yellowstone Lake in 2016!!!