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Friday, July 1, 2016

Soft shackles

Soft Shackles

While investigating l-36.com (mentioned in my last post), I found a page of ideas for soft shackles. I had seen some soft shackles at WestMarine, but they were $25 a pop and seemed ridiculously expensive. After reading that page and a page at Grog's Knots, I decided I could tie my own soft shackles, learn something and have fun.

I found 50' of 1/4" dyneema single braid cord.  I followed Grog's directions and built a soft shackle.

Closed up

When we were in Port Townsend for August 2014 Scamp Camp, Howard went over the PT Bronze Foundry and picked up some bronze bow eyes. I really like the look of the bow eye, but it doesn't fitthe trailer hook. I had an oval link on there since I launched her. It hadn't really scratched the paint, but I wanted to replace it.
Now it's a soft bow eye
Unfortunately, the 1/4" dyneema is huge when it gets doubled up. I'm going to find some 1/8" dyneema and use that for the two shackles on the cabin top. I also have a 90 degree shackle on the traveler and on the centerboard padeye. Those might get soft shackles too.
And they won't be orange.

Rudder repairs 

I mentioned a few posts ago that I had lost the nylon lock nut on the 3/8" bolt that is the pivot that joins the rudder to the rudder head. I replaced the bolt with a clevis pin.

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