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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Primed under seat well and cut sole doublers

This weekend we had pretty good weather. Saturday I decided that I could prime under the seat wells.  That went fine.

I considered putting some small shelves aft of B7 for storage of keys and things. I would have built a shelf and used screen door screen for the shelf bottom so that water didn't pool on it.
I measured and did some looking and decided that I won't bother, they'd be too restrictive.
I can easily make more hammock loops, but I have to find smaller hammocks for back there. I just might have to weave them myself.

Here's a couple shots just after priming:

port seat wells primed

starboard seat wells primed.
I had planned to paint the seat wells on Sunday, but the primer hadn't completely dried in the cool weather.
That forced me to do some other things.

I decided to cut the doublers for the sole and the footwell cover.
I'm actually very happy with how this is turning out. Since the hatches are about the thickness of the 9mm plywood, the sleeping surface should be very flat and easy when sleeping.
dry fit the hatches, and dry fit the cut doublers.
In the above picture, you can see the pieces that I cut. The one between the 2 hatches I just cut from scrap. The other I cut from the large sole doubler that comes in the kit. It's exactly the right width.
aft doublers dry fit

I also traced out where I wanted the aft hatch. I still haven't cut out the hatch in the sole yet because I am climbing in and out of the boat quite a bit and don't want to trip.

I also cut the 28 1/2" x 26 1/2" footwell cover and the 26 1/2" doubler to go on that. I even found the time to glue it together.
Gluing up the footwell cover
I still haven't decided how the foot well cover will go over the foot well. I think I'll just cut some cleats and glue those in and let it sit on top. I'll probably cut the cover in 1/2 so that I can store it somewhere.

Finally, I coated the doublers that I cut in preparation for gluing them down.
Coating the doublers

The motor mount transom doubler

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