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Monday, November 10, 2014

Eyelet construction

Simeon had a great idea to install attachment points inside the seats. My first thought was stainless steel hooks, but they have a tendency to poke holes in dry bags.

I remembered a trick I developed when I built my kayak. I wanted loops on the topside of the kayak for bungees. I cut a slit in the wood and then put the loop through the slit. This is almost exactly the same.

First, I found some 3/4" nylon webbing. The important bit is that it is nylon and will melt.
Then I cut some 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" squares from 4.2mm plywood.
6) 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" squares and black nylon webbing
Add a line through the middle.
Drill some holes to make slots. I used 5/32" bit.
5/32" bit drilling the slot
Then I used a file to clean the slot.
I had a file that was just the right thickness to clean it out.

6 squares with a slot.
Now comes the fun part. You need to make loops out of the nylon strapping. I do it with a butane torch and a pliers.
Melt the nylon.
After you melt the nylon, you need to flatten the end. I pressed it against the anvil of my vise.
Press against the vise anvil
This makes a nice flat area.
Flattened it.
Now you can slip that through the slot.
A nice loop for attachments.
But I wasn't very happy. It stood too proud of the surface.
Proud of the surface.
But that's easy to fix with a forstner bit. (I didn't get a picture of the actual drilling.)
Chow out the bottom with a forstner.
Initially, I made 6 of them. But that isn't enough, so I made another batch of 6. Now I need to figure out where to place the 12 of them.

I know 2 of them will go on the inner ends of B4 & B5 under each hatch. I'm going to hang toy hammocks there. I'll pick up some stainless S hooks later.

The next step is to epoxy coat the pieces. Then can put the loops through and then glue them inside the hull where I want them. They should be low profile and easy to attach bungee nets without getting in the way.


  1. Very nice solution! With that glue area, they will adhere to the hull nicely. I'll make up some as I have a few more areas I've found that need them

  2. Nice idea, Jeff. I could see using those to attach a lanyard to my hatch covers to keep them from getting mixed up or lost somehow in a capsize. Thanks - Dave