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Friday, May 29, 2015


I bought a RudderCraft type C tiller. I wanted to make my own tiller but I'm running out of time before July. And I think the Ruddercraft are attractive. Alternating mahogany and ash.

However, the butt end is too tall to fit through the scamp rudder hole, so I had to plane it down.

You can just see that I planed down the top and bottom ply
I drilled holes for bronze bushings for the 3/8" quick release pin that will go through the rudder and the tiller. Deciding where to place the hole was a bit of guess work.
I drilled holes for bronze bushings
Then I hung the tiller in the garage (that is a slightly painted long bar suspended by a rope in the picture above) and varnished it.
Finally, I put the bushings in place.
Bushing in place
And she fits and looks very nice.
The angle in this picture looks pretty steep, but it's about right for me. It does have a little bit of play up and down.
 It does rub at the corners when at the extreme sides. I'll have to do something about that at some point in the future.
Just grazing the upper side.
In the above picture you can see the quick release pin that I am using to tie the rudder to the tiller. I sure do like those pins. I've used 4-5 of them on this build in various places.

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