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Monday, April 20, 2015


The big news is that I got her trailered!

She's mobile!
Now I can roll her out of the garage and do some messy sanding outside. My dust containment tent in the garage is ripped and raggedy and not containing dust very well.

I also plan to roll her out and use a laser level to strike the boot stripe.

I could paint outside to keep the fumes out of the garage but at the risk of airborne dust. Likely, I'll set up  a fan blowing over a bucket of water to try and absorb most of the dust and paint in the garage.

I started by hoisting her up with straps on the ceiling, then I just pushed the trailer under and dropped.

Hoist her up on straps.

Get ready to push the trailer under her.


Pushing the trailer under
I'm also excited because I took some time to cut the ipe coaming turn pieces. This had been freaking me out because of the weird angles. I haven't permanently mounted these yet because I'm going to remove the ipe before painting. I'll paint the deck first, then glue on permanently the coaming rails before filling the screw holes and painting the inside of the coamings.

starboard side coaming turn in

port side coaming turn in.

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