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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Finishing steps before I start to paint

I spent Saturday laying down the sole doublers that I had cut months ago. This is all in preparation for painting.
Here's a shot of the sole as she'll look with the footwell cover in place and all the hatches. I'm pleased with the height of the hatches vs the height of the doublers. They are nearly the same, which will make for nice level sleeping surface.

The sole as designed.

The sole with the footwell cover removed.
I'm not quite as pleased with the seat hatches. They interfere just a bit more than I thought with the coamings and don't quite stay open by themselves. But they'll be fine.

I also added the ipe cabin trim rails. I think these look great.

While I was at that, I added the ipe coaming rails. I need to decide if I will remove these and bed them with bedding compound or just glue them on.
Ipe coaming rails
And just for a finishing touch, I added some of my loops to the underside of the cabin. Not sure how I will use them, but they seem useful.

Nylon padeye loops

Nylon padeye loops

I've got another post coming with the results of what I did today, but I'll save that for later. It's big news.

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