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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hull hardware holes drilled

I spent the weekend placing hardware, drilling holes, filling holes with thickened epoxy, then re-drilling holes.

I now have just about all the hardware ready to be installed. I'll have to paint first, but I've drilled pilot holes into the epoxy fill so that I know where to install everything.

I purchased the 2 1/8" wide Davey & Co pintles & gudgeons from the Chandlery, but I had added an extra 4.2mm chunk of plywood in the middle of the rudder, so they won't fix without major chiseling that I didn't want to do.
I ordered a set of 2 1/2" Racelite from Chuck at Duckworks. Much easier to install, since my rudder was 2 61/128" (according to my caliper).

Chalked a center line
First, I installed the pintles on the rudder. I had to make sure that I could clear the copper tubing that I installed for the downhaul & uphaul lines.
That determined the locations of gudgeons.
Aligning all this was kind of a pita. I had to install only the outside screws on the pintle straps so that I could make sure they were aligned with the gudgeons. Then I had to make sure the gudgeons were straight.
It all worked out. I think this was easier than the bronze p&g from Davey & Co.
Rudder dry fitwith 1/2" flat head screws.

Drilled out the 1/2" screw holes for 1/4-20 round head bolts.
I did develop one interesting technique with all these holes I've been drilling. I drill out the correct size for the hardware I am using and make sure everything fits just like I want. Then I use a step bit to enlarge the holes. I usually go from both sides to get it all enlarged.
Then I can fill half the holes. That way I can align everything just like I want.
I enlarged the 2 center holes and filled them. Then I drilled correct holes through the epoxy. Finally, I enlarge and drill out the other set of holes.

Shot of the rudder head with some holes filled.
 I also found the time today to dry fit the cockpit coamings. I screwed them in with 1" #8 screws.
cockpit coamings dry fit
I had planned to go out tonight and glue them in, but it's too cold in the garage and I don't want to leave the heater on all night.

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