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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pictures from the Small Craft Academy and Palooza Crooza

Howard Rice and John Welford put on a small craft skills academy July 18 & 19. During the academy, I learned a lot about the scamp and how to sail her.

Brent's Shackleton
We deliberately capsized a GigHarbor Boatworks scamp and righted it and self-rescued. This made me feel a lot better about self-rescue operations. We also learned how hard it is to capsize a scamp. It doesn't just happen by accident.

capsizing and rescuing Jackie Monies' Cowboy Cookies
We also sailed out to Rat Island.
Brent and Preston in Shackleton

Sergei and Tyler in Serenity

On the beach at Rat Island (near to far: Cowboy Cookies, Serenity, Scallywag)

On the beach at Rat Island (near to far: Shackleton, PT Puffin, Tor)

There were many more activities and opportunities to learn during the academy. I understand my boat a lot better. Now I just need some time to hone my skills.

Sunday morning about 15 boats left Port Townsend for the Palooza Crooza and headed for Mats Mats Bay. The air was light, so Brent offered us a tow behind his 2.5hp motor.
Shackleton towing PT Puffin

Shackleton with a bit more wind
Noddy in dead air
Beautiful clouds over Mats Mats.
The Palooza Crooza was a huge success. Much thanks to Marty for organizing. Much thanks also to the chaperone Pete who made sure we all stayed safe and to the hospitable folks in Mats Mats bay who let some of the Croozas camp in their backyard.

I slept in the boat for 4 nights in a row for this journey. There was plenty of room for storage and I slept very well with the yoga mats and a sleeping pad.

I also built a list of tasks:
  1. mast mount a windvane
  2. install the cleat for the motor slide
  3. Decide and install either a tiller clutch or a hiking stick (or both)
  4. Use a clampmeter to find out how many amps the motor uses
  5. find a better way to charge my battery when on the water
  6. install real oarlocks and buy oars
  7. install a bailer
  8. install an anchor chock
  9. install some more tel tales
This weekend is the Red Lantern Rally in Mystery Bay. I'll spend some time up there. I hope we have a good turnout like last year.


  1. Sounds like a fun time, glad you enjoyed it. PT Puffin is a class boat, congratulations.

  2. Jeff, we are so proud of the awesome job that you have done building the PT Puffin. We hope you have many hours of peaceful sailing. Also a few times of strong winds to challenge your skills.

  3. Jeff, Just noticed your post. Preston and I had a blast at this event. Great to meet you and see how you outfitted your boat. I'm considering building another Scamp after finishing my Skiff America.