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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Temporary oarlock tent pole holders

I didn't want to mount the bronze oarlocks I bought from Duckworks permanently to the coamings until I knew exactly where I wanted them.

I used some leftover Trex to make blocks that fit around the coamings. They are probably too big, but they're temporary until I decide how I really want them mounted.
Trex blocks with a slot

Mount the oarlocks to the blocks

Finished blocks

Tent pole installed (it may be a bit too tall)

Shot of the tent pole
I need to figure out how to mount drape the tarp over the pole and mount it to the cabin top and to the stern.

I also need a way to stop the poles from slipping through the bottom of the oarlocks.

I'll also want to tether the blocks. I don't want to lose the oarlocks as I love how they look.


  1. How did these work out for you?
    I am looking for a solution to adding rowlocks onto a quickboat.
    see www.quickboats.com

    1. Ha! The first night that I stayed in the boat, the springy tent pole sprung and I watched my carefully prepared oarlock holder bounce across the deck and splash into the drink. Gone forever. I still had one and the pole, so I was able to wedge the pole into the seat backs and use the tent for camping.

      Lesson learned: tether everything.

      I have now mounted the oarlocks permanently and the tent has held up a heavy sheet of PVC and a tarp for the entire winter.