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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Red Lantern Rally II

Saturday was the 2nd annual Red Lantern Rally. We had 11 scamps in Mystery Bay, WA.

We had a bit of a sail just after lunch. It was beautiful with all these silly colorful little boats tacking around each other.

At 3:30 the official 2nd annual ice cream race happened. No cheating this year! John and Jackie were about to win in Cowboy Cookies, but John gracefully tacked out right at the very end. Sköl won the race.
Josh presented an award for the first place finisher, an award for the longest distance (Jackie from Oklahoma) and a special award to Dan for #70, who launched for the first time on the day of the rally. Dan's boat turned out just beautiful, he should be proud.

Looking over the nose of PT Puffin to Dan & Howard in #70

(ltor) Cowboy Cookies, Serenity, Snug, Dan's #70, #1

Snug and Phil's Little Tramp (blue). Dan (#70) further out.

moments later

(ltor) Serenity, Dan & Noddy
(note the little R2AK sticker on Noddy's port side in the above shot)

(ltor) Cowboy Cookies, Tor, Snug, #70

(ltor) Noddy, Skol, Scamp, Little Tramp, PTPuffin, kerfuffle from Oympia

(ltor) #70, Serenity
Last year there were a lot of blue scamps, this year seemed to be the year of yellow scamps with 2 in attendance, 3 if you count the boot stripe on PT Puffin.
In the above shot, you can see how Dan raised his cabin a few inches.

Mike even briefly sailed Tor with his own homemade spinnaker. Very nice. Wish I would have gotten a picture.

I was looking forward to this all week. I was hoping to top last year's 11 boats, but alas that didn't happen. We just matched it. There is always next year.
I did miss my new friends Brent and Shackleton.

A good time was had by all.

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  1. Jeff, Wish I could have been there for the Rally. Loved meeting you and PT Puffin during the skills course and crooza. You have a great boat...thanks for continuing to post all your changes. I have a list of improvements set for Shackleton. Some major, most minor. I'll post all changes. Keep in touch.