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Monday, March 23, 2015

Preparations before flipping the boat

Nothing I'm doing right now is very interesting. Mostly cleaning things up before I flip her back to rightside up.
Here are some pictures
Drilled oversize holes and filled for the deadlights

dry fit the motor mount

I also sanded and painted the underside of the cabin top in preparation for priming/painting.
Sanded and recoated the underside of the cabin top
I installed the bronze deadlights just because I wanted to see how they looked. They look better than I even suspected. I put the acorn nuts on the outside because I think it looks cool. I'll have to take everything off for painting.

Inspired by this thread on the scamp message board, I installed 4 plates under the cabin top for mounting blocks and cleats.
plates under the cuddy cabin.

Plates dry fit next to the mast box for mounting turning blocks.
Yeah, that last picture is ugly, I painted the inside of the cabin top. I need to prime and paint it again after I get the plates filleted and coated.

I installed fore and aft footwell cleats to match the current port and starboard cleats. I filleted under them (which is easy when the boat is upside down). I'll have to drill drain holes at the corners to let water into the footwell. I'll also take the corners off the footwell cover.

I'm still waiting for the centerboard slot strip to arrive from the UK. I have the area masked off and sanded ready to be installed. That will be another post.

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  1. Jeff -

    Your backing blocks either side of the mast box should work fine. I actually through-bolted my cabin-top eye-straps through the cabin-top carlins(?). It was a bit of a struggle aiming the drill bit but I was lucky and they are perfectly centered on the carlin stock.