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Friday, March 13, 2015

UHMW skeg protection

I picked up some black UHMW from Professional Plastics. I had to buy 12" x 6' sheet, but they cut 1 1/4" strips for me. Now I have extra UHMW, I may add some just under the bow if I can figure out how to mount it.

I laid down the strips on the skegs and drilled pilot holes through the UHMW and into the wood. Then Quincy drilled countersunk holes in the UHMW. That stuff is tough and weird to work.

I also drilled over size holes in the skegs and filled them with epoxy and wood flour.
Black UHMW skeg protectors

trimmed this overhang

Tomorrow, the first coat of graphite powder epoxy will happen.
I also have some slot strip on the way to install.

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