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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Boat workstation created

I went back to work on Tuesday. Nancy was out of town.
I did nothing on the boat. Absolutely nothing until Saturday. We had unloaded the boat in the garage right after we got home, but many of the tasks involved sanding and Nancy threatened me if I got sawdust on her car. I had to solve that problem first.

Saturday, Quincy and I put up a plastic tent around the boat. I even found these nifty (if expensive) sticky zippers that could go on the plastic so that we could have doors that could be closed to keep in the sawdust.
plastic tent

The red parts are zippers.

I also built a downdraft station out of a cardboard box and a bucket head shop vacuum. This is handy thing to have to make sure you don't breathe the powdered epoxy additives while mixing them. You really don't want that in your lungs.

I think I did a bit of sanding, that weekend and even added an extra coat or 2 of epoxy to the front cabin.

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