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Friday, September 19, 2014

Scamp Camp - first day and cast of characters

We knew we'd be in the NW Maritime Center. And we knew that our base jig would be set up for us.
That's about it.

We arrived at 8:00AM ready to go. We found our jig and discovered there were 6 boats to be built in the NWMC for the next 2 weeks.

We also got the plans printed out on large plotter paper. Our hull number was 284, hence the name of the blog.

We were under the tutelage of:

  • Howard Rice - Experienced small boat sailor
  • John Welsford - The designer of the Scamp and small boat builder.
  • Scott Jones - the master builder at The NW School of Wooden Boat Building.

I had met Howard a couple years before; I remembered him. He shook his head like he remembered me from that short conversation.
These were the people with whom we'd spend the next 2 weeks.
  • Peter; Texas
  • Vinny; Cape Cod, MA
  • Sergei and his son, OR
  • Melissa; local Port Townsend
  • John; Wyoming
  • Joe; CA

We had a quick meet & greet, but everyone was excited to start the build. The first day, we were fiberglassing up some pieces.
We also talked a bit about safety in the shop. Important.

Dad in front of our jig

Dad and Quincy glassing up part of the centerboard trunk.

The hull is on the jig and epoxied

I resolved to take a picture each day from the same perspective in the hope that I could build a time lapse. I have all those pictures, we'll see if I can get the time lapse done.

For lunch that day, Quincy and I walked over to the local thai joint and had good food, but we should have gotten the special. Dad had peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Howard and John had some chalk talks during lunch time. In the coming days, we'd get into a nice routine of sandwiches looking out over the PT harbor.

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  1. Noon lunch was great, beautiful view, great company and awesome sandwiches.