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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Scamp Camp - The rest of week 1

Unfortunately, I'm writing this a few weeks on from camp.
I've forgotten a lot of the day-to-day details, so we'll cover the rest of week 1 of the camp in 1 post. Week 2 of the camp will probably be another post. Then we'll get down to the build steps I'm doing, which is why I really started the blog.

On day 2, we had more pieces to fiberglass for the centerboard trunk. We also did some cleanup of the interior of the hull.
End of Day 2
 I think we also did our first fillet. A fillet is a small u-shaped bead of thickened epoxy that runs between 2 pieces of wood. They are a real trick to get correct. You need clean up your mess before it sets up, otherwise you have to sand it.

On Wednesday, we really started to make her look like a boat. In the below picture, you can see that we've put in the interior structure. The seat tops are on top of the seats but not glued in. The interior structure was compared to an egg carton by the designer. I think it's more like an old-time wooden coke flat; all the pieces interlock and make a very rigid structure. In the below picture, we had a lot of glue to wrangle into the right places.

Thursday of the first week was more enhancements to the internal structure. We glued on the stern and the bow. You can't see the bow in the below picture. You can see the struts that are used to keep the front pieces straight. You can also see the newly added bulkhead 3 with the vertical slot. That is the mast box. The mast goes far enough down into the structure of the boat that stays are not needed.
Stern and bow glued.
In case you are wondering, no, I don't have a mast, nor do I have any of the rigging. I'll have to purchase all of that.

Somewhere in these days, we talked about the ballast tank and the storage wells under the sole. The ballast tank is a small area just aft of bulkhead 5 (which is aft of bulkhead 4). You seal it very well and put a drain plug in the bottom of the boat. Then when you put her in the water, you take the drain plug out and let that tank fill up with water. The water will weigh about 180 lbs. When you put her on the trailer, you drain it out.
I'm going to add 2 or 3 AGM batteries instead of water ballast. I'll also add a small trolling motor off the stern. Dave at Gig Harbor Boatworks has one that I'd like to buy.

Friday, we put on the garboard, which is the lowest of the planks for the side. The above picture was actually from Friday.
Here's a picture of me with her.
You can clearly see bulkhead 1 (the flat pram bow), B2, then me, then B4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 is the transom. The seats will eventually go on top of the bulkheads and the center area will be a foot well. I'll likely make some changes to the foot well to make it deeper in one area.

Since we are boat number 2 in the maritime center, you can see our boat along with 4 others being worked. There is 1 more not visible.

The weekend turned out to be a blast. We spent quite a bit of time on the water with 11 scamps in Mystery Bay. It was called the Red Lantern Rally because of the lantern logo for the scamp.

Before I go into that, I want to talk about how much fun we had this week. We'd work from 0800 to around 1730 or so, then we'd reluctantly pack up and head for home. We'd have a nice supper and discuss what we were going to do tomorrow or talk about how the day went. The evenings were very relaxing and a lot of fun. We had a few more grocery runs, but nothing like that first night. We ate out a few times, but mostly just had nice evenings at home.
In the mornings, dad would get up first and make sandwiches for the day. That meant we could enjoy the view from Port Townsend and have lunch and discuss. That was a nice perk.
And Quincy discovered a cache of Nicholas Cage movies in our rental house. I think he watched 3 of them. He also found a new love for the B-52's Rock Lobster.

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