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Sunday, September 21, 2014

The trip home

Nancy, Quincy and Lindsey left on Sunday evening.
Dad and I got up on Monday morning and drove back to Seattle the long way.

We had a great discussion and generally just hung out.

On the way down, I had read about an undersea warfare museum near Bangor sub base. We stopped and it was a very nice museum. Here's a shot of my little jetta loaded down with 2 kayaks on top, an Oru in the trunk and a scamp on the trailer. In the background is a bathyscape that's been to the bottom of the ocean.
That's a lot of boats in one frame
 We stopped in Gig Harbor and found the boat ramp nestled way back in a residential area and not well marked at all. We parked there and paddled for awhile. The weather was not as nice as the last paddle, but we were still out on the water and having fun.
Boat ramp
We got back mid afternoon. Dad had a flight the next morning as did Nancy.

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  1. Paddling in Gig Harbor was a real treat, neat homes and a variety of boats.