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Monday, January 26, 2015

Beautiful weather; time to work

The weather all weekend was beautiful. Near 70 degrees so I took some time to get some tasks finished up.

This will be a long post, so bear with me.

First, I hung the deck up so that I could get a the seats and do some serious sanding on them. The supporting cross bar is a trick I learned from bcbimmer on the infamous #70 thread

Hanging the deck upside down.
Then I got down and did some serious sanding on the fairing coats I had done. It really didn't take too long as the 410 compound is easily sanded.
starboard aft corner cleaned up

Port aft corner
Then when I was happy with the smoothed out fillets, I was able to coat the seats. This is a picture of the first coat on there. It really looked good.
First coat on the seats
And the fillets and fairing in the aft corners looked great. In the below picture, the colors make it look really ugly, but believe me that it is all smooth and shiny and looking good.
Starboard aft corner after first coat.
port aft corner after first coat.
I coated the bottom of the deck twice. For the second coat of everything I added white pigment. That way I know I coated everything. I also know when I sand through a layer. I have a tendency to do that.
This shows the white seats and the first coat on the deck.
The next morning I was able to glue down the deck. Unfortunately, there were some drips on my nice clean seats. I need to remember to lay down plastic every time I'm doing something because drips do happen.

Anyway, the glue down went very well (other than the drips). The fir pieces fit exactly in place and added extra meat for the glue.
The deck glued down.
You can see the screws holding the deck down. I've not used a lot of screws in this build.
Front view
I drilled a hole for the nav light in the bow. It's just behind the spine, which is a bit further back than I wanted it, but it will be fine.
The mounting pad fit just right with the bevels I made. It will be angled up just a bit, but acceptable. It's hard to level something on a boat that you know isn't level on the blocks. And my garage floor certainly isn't level either.
The mount for the nav light.
The mount from the side.

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