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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Nav lights followup & deck glue up

I started a thread on nav lights over on the scamp build forum.  It turns out that you need to purchase Coast Guard approved lights to avoid any problems. This appears to be a showstopper for any custom lights. I'll probably pick up a small combination light from DuckWorks for the bow.

The reason this is even on the radar is because I am preparing the deck for it's eventual glue down. Last week we had a few warm days where I was comfortable getting the deck glued together in place on the boat. It's not glued down yet, but now that it is together, I can finish drilling the holes to screw it down.
port side deck glued together
I used a 5 gallon bucket of water to hold it down in the aft and a box of old tiles in the front.

entire boat.
I can drill pilot holes all the way to the aft transom now. Once I do that, I'll tack it down in a few places and draw lines under the deck. I'll fit some blocks in there to hold the cleats and other deck paraphernalia.

Then I'll flip it over and coat the underside of the deck before I glue it down.

I'll need to run electrical wires up to the bow for the bow light. I may also wire up the under deck for LED strip lights. I think lights in the cabin may be more effective though.

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