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Friday, January 2, 2015

CG Nav lights regulations?

According to USCG regulations, the red and green side marker lights need to visible in a 112.5 degree arc (90 degrees from the fore + 22.5 degrees abaft). The sidelights also need to be visible for only 1 mile per rule 22.
Per rule 25, I only need sidelights and a stern light, but a combination mast light is acceptable (25b).

I would like to mount waterproof LED strip lights for nav lights on the bow. The problem is the 112.5 degree arc running abaft.
The plan is to route some slots in some mating wood pieces that wrap around the bow.  I've got a crude drawing below. After a second look, I think the bow transom mounted piece would go all the way to the top of the bow curve, just for esthetics.
A way to mount LED strip lights for 112.5 degree arc.
Does anyone know if strip lights are acceptable by the USCG? Since the regs don't actually say that only single point lights are acceptable, I would think LED strip lights would be acceptable. I'm sure the visibility of the lights are good to 1 mile and probably even good to 2 miles.

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