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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Deck doubled & flipped

Sunday I spent a lot of time on the boat. It felt like I got a lot done but I don't have much to show for it.

First, I drilled countersunk holes to hold the deck down. I worked from the front to the back and it all lined up nicely. I had to do some filing with the shinto rasp on the ends just to make sure they fit well.

After that was done, I screwed it down. Then I used 1x6 scrap VG fir that I had laying around from a house project to make doublers for the deck cleats. This took awhile to rasp them down to just the right shape. Luckly, 5 1/2" pieces are pretty close to the spacing of the gunwale & inwale near the aft. Near the fore, I had to take about 3/4" off with the table saw.

I put the pieces where I wanted them and they fit in snug, so I drove 2 drywall screws to hold them in place.

Then I flipped over the deck and laid it back on the boat. I glued up the pieces and re-sunk the screws to make sure they were aligned properly. Clamped them and let it cure for a few hours before pulling the screws before it completely set up.
Glued doublers

I also did some dry fitting of the cabin sides. It's starting to scare me that I'm near to closing up the front cabin and losing easy access to the interior.

I will need to make a decision about the nav lights soon. I can't find any nav lights that I really like, so I'm considering an LED flashlight instead. I don't plan on doing a lot of night sailing, so it might be just fine.

I plan to complete the sides and the cabin top, then flip the boat over and glass and paint the bottom before flipping it over and finishing the final bits like the cockpit coamings. It's still 3-4 weeks before I can flip her.


  1. Jeff - here's a link to a navigation light setup that I'm considering. I like that there's no wiring or anything, and for most of my sailing I'll just have it stowed away below and out of sight.


    -- Dave

  2. Jeff & Dave -

    As a temporary solution for the limited night sailing I've done in Noddy I've used the suction-cup mounted version of this light from Duckworks. The price was right.


    Since I do have the switch panel & battery installed, along with a LED masthead light, I've also been looking for the right hard-wired solution.

    I think I've settled on the bi-color deck mount Series-34 Aqua Signal light, in white color "plastic" My price of $76 is a bit steep but I can probably find it lower. I like the low profile and I'd make a base to keep it waterline level when mounted on the centerline of the fore part of the cabin top. There should be no helmsman glare visible.



  3. I have the bow open now and the wire and I know I should just do it. But I can't find a small light with a low profile that matches a scamp. The link to the one at Fisheries Supply would work. I think I like the 'hockey puck' aluminum style of this one better, but it won't match the brass used elsewhere. I wonder if I could have it bronzed like baby shoes. :-)

    I quite like the TekTite. I wonder if I couldn't glue a couple powerful magnets under the bow and sew a few more magnets (epoxy coated of course) into the nylon case.Then it would be self aligning.
    And I could use the light on my kayaks.

  4. Hey Jeff, have a look at these led's from Norway:

    I like your magnet idea!

    Keep up the great work,