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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Centerboard overdrill and fill

I wasn't happy with the small hole that would hold the knot in the centerboard.

Filled a 3/4" hole with epoxy.
And drilled it back out to 11/16".

Then I put the rope through.

Figure 8 stopper knot

I did a similar thing for the rudder downhaul, but the hole was very small. I whipped the rope and inserted it into the hole. It won't come loose.
Folded and whipped end
The holes on the kit pieces are too small. I'd definitely use 5/16" holes for the lines and at least 3/4" holes for the stopper knots (after over drilling and filling).

I have to put in a plug for AnimatedKnots, if you need to tie a knot, he gives great instructions.

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