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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Making progress; starting to paint

This weekend I took down the garage dust tent. I can roll the trailer and the boat outside and make sanding dust there.
That should help to have a clean dust free garage for painting.

Saturday I spent hours sanding the exterior with 120. It resulted in a nice dull black with just a few sand-throughs. But sand-throughs only went down to the next layer, not down to the wood. I didn't get any pictures of the sanding. It resulted in a lot of dust.

I also painted on the boot stripe

Here she is Sunday outside after I sanded off the slightly 410-thickened epoxy I had painted on all interior surfaces.
sanded and boot stripe painted

The other side

close up of the stern boot stripe.

A view inside.
I really like how sanding with 120 turns the finish dull. It's fairly easy to see where you need to do some extra sanding or fill low spots.

I did sand through some areas on the interior. Tonight I recoated those. I'll scrape and sand them later and then I can start in on full painting.

It was good to paint the boot stripe as an experiment. I need to learn to paint on thin layers. The boot stripe has some areas where the pain cracked & spidered a bit. I believe it hadn't completed curing quite yet. I'll wait a few more days and sand it down before a recoat.

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  1. It is great to see that your hard work is paying off. The boat is really coming together. Your boat looks really cool, the nose is cute. Keep up the great work.