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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sail numbers and mast installation

We got the sail numbers affixed. We followed WoodnMetalGuy's instructions.

sticking down the 4

The next step is to attach the sail to the mast.

But before I do that, the mast needs support blocks.
Mast supports
I did set the drill press table to 2 1/2 degrees.
The mast from Gig Harbor Boatworks is 2 3/4". I had to pick up a hole saw. It still needed a bit of sanding to make it fit around the mast well.

Sanding the hole a bit to open it up.
 The holes needed to be 1.35" inches apart to match the 2 1/2 degree rake. In the below shot, the right is the base and the left is the upper. I used a rat tail file to file a small water channel in the base. I may have to put down some new fiberglass in the base for protection.
base on the left, upper on the right.
I epoxied them last twice last night and this morning sanded them a bit. They are still a bit rough, but I can use them for dry fit purposes.

The Gig Harbor mast has a #8 screw at just the right spot for the top of the mast box. I used a forstner bit to drill out a recess and put in the screw.
Screw in the forstner hole

Screw protruding
 Then I attached it to the mast.
Mast with block
When you do this, make sure you orient the mast in the correct direction. The black nylon lazy jack cleat should be on the starboard side.

Both blocks fit down in the mast box very well. There is a little bit of forward backward play, but not much side to side. I'll fix it with a layer or two of epoxy.

The end result:
A stable mast
Then I set to work trying to get it all rigged. That'll be another post.

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