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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Aft sole filleted; electrical mounted and done

This morning, I was able to fillet aft sole. As long as I was there, it was easy to get the transom doubler mounted. Again, I had to abuse clamp, but that was pretty easy.
It will need to be coated.
Filleting and transom doubler glued
The fillets sagged a little bit on the vertical surfaces and where there were no cleats under the sole, so I'll have to touch it up, but that shouldn't take too long.

Fillets done

I was also able to mount the electrical components. I think this looks very good. I was even able to test the circuit breaker switches to see that they worked.
The components mounted

Above you can see the circuit breaker is mounted between the motor controller and the bus bar.
Below, you can see that I got the bus bar mounted and the wiring to the switch control panel installed.
Bus bar on the mast box

The back of the switch
I'll have to remove the switch because I still have work to do on the aft side of B3.

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