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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Aft sole glued and electrical mount points drilled and filled

I wanted to work on the boat all day today, but the day job interfered.

This evening, I glued the aft sole down. I sanded down the cleats, painted the edges of the sole and the cleats with epoxy, then put a bead of 610 on the cleats. Then I laid the sole down and put water buckets on for weight.
I have sole.

I also did some more layout of the electrical components and marked up my drill spots for the screws. I want to drill oversize holes in the wood and drive the screws into wood flour epoxy mix rather than into wood.
The first thing to do is to lay it all out and mark. When that was done, I drilled the holes. Some went though and some just went in a little ways depending on the screws I will use.

Moving the components out of the way.
Here are the holes, left to right:

  • single through hole for the motor power cable
  • 4 holes for big screws to mount the motor controller
  • one large hole for the cabled remote
  • 2 small screws for the 60a circuit breaker (towards the bottom)
  • 2 screws for the bus bar
In the picture below, there is tape over the filled holes. I fill them with a disposable syringe to make sure the wood-flour thickened epoxy goes all the way back. There is scotch tape over the front and back for smooth edges.
Holes drilled.
As long as I was playing with cable, I mounted some nylon cable clips. In the picture below, the jacketed cable is clipped to the cleat above. Once the hatch goes on, this will be well protected.

cable tied up.
I also tied the cable below the hatch.
running under the hatches.

And then up the cabin interior.
That cable runs to the switch panel. Before it goes to the switch panel, I'm going to add a small bus bar just like the one in the battery well. 
In the shot below, I've drilled the holes, but not through the mast box. I have small screws that do not go through the 9mm plywood.

The cable will terminate at the bus bar, then jump to the switch panel
Here's a close up shot of the tape over the filled holes:
The top one looks like it has a bubble. It won't matter.
Since I had some wood flour epoxy mixed up, I filleted the plate under the port seats that I used as a doubler. I didn't get a picture of that. I't will need to be sanded and coated, but I can worry about that later.

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