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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Starting to look like a boat

Today the glue was dry on the fore sole. I cleaned it up a bit and then did the filleting. In the below shot you can see I did the fillets and I also cleaned up the puzzle joint.
Fillets done
Before that, I put down all the hatches where they are supposed to go and snapped some pictures. It is starting to look like a boat.

Long shot

The veranda

Veranda and the battery well

Veranda, battery well and seats.
This evening, I painted the exposed surfaces of the fore and aft sole. This will protect it from footprints and marred wood. I've already dropped a few tools and scarred up the wood a bit. The epoxy should protect that very well. I haven't decided yet if I'll do the second coat or if I'll wait awhile to glue on the sole doubler.
I used the Abranet sanding disks on a random orbital sander to clean up the puzzle joints and sanded right through a ply or 2, so I put on micro balloons to smooth it out. It still has a ton on strength there, so I'm not worried about it.
Painted surface. You can see I added some micro balloons over the puzzle joints

And a long shot back. More micro balloons over the oval fills.
Tomorrow will be a busy day at work, so I'm not sure what I'll accomplish. I also need to stop at WestMarine for some more filleting mix and some 610 tubes.

I think the next thing I'd like to do is to get some doubler plates created for the motor mounts. That will be complicated to get correct and I may not be able to mount them until after I glue the seats down.

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