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Monday, November 3, 2014

Fore sole glued

I got the fore sole glued down tonight after another coat on the bottom of the sole and a good coat on the cleats.
(I also sanded the nastiness left by the plastic. It's not perfect as there are still some lumps in the crannies, but I'll apply some fairing putty and get that smoothed out. I have one word: Abranet. That stuff is great. Makes your random orbit sander more like a belt sander without all the nasty scratches.)

water buckets weighing it down in the center

spreader clamps pushing it down at the edges.
I feel good about this. It's nice to see the thing coming together.
The next step with the sole is to fillet this fore area. Then I can do some fairing on the area that is visible above the hatches. Finally, I can prime and paint that area.

In the next few days, I hope to get the aft sole painted a first coat. I'm walking on it a lot and I want to have it protected. I'll probably also paint the fore sole also. Just a single coat as I still need to cut doublers for the areas outside the hatches.

I also want to get the foot well done, so I may paint on the sandy grit on the doubler there.

I would also like to double the aft transom so that I can get the holes for the motor mount drilled.

So much to do.

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