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Saturday, February 7, 2015

cabin side cleats glued

I picked up some 5/4x4 cedar decking at Home Depot last night. I cut it to 45" and ripped it down to 1 7/16". Then I ripped a rabbet along the inner side. That made a nice profile for the cleats.

Getting it glued on was a pain, but I got it by screwing in from the inside. There was a slight bend upward that needed muscle and screws.
cabin side cleats
  They looked good this morning.

Profile of the cleat.
  I could have shaved a bit more off the rabbet.

view fore
This morning it looked good.  So I put the cabin lid on and weighted it down to start the curve.
I'll let that sit for awhile, then I'll drive screws down the center carlins. I'll drive screws into the cabin side cleats to hold it down and finalize the curve.
weight down the top to get a curve

I did do a few shaves with the plane to shape the cleats. There's more to do before I glue it down.
side profile after a shaving a bit

I want to get the bend established and screws ready to install.. Then I'll take off the top, epoxy the bottom and prime & paint the areas between B2 and B3. Those will be hard to get later.

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