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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Starting on the skegs.

I started on the skegs today. I picked up some mason board to use for a pattern to cut the skegs.

The offset drawing on page 88 of version 1.5 of the scamp manual seems to be correct.
I started by marking offset lines at 150mm, 300mm, 450, 600, 900 etc, then placing a sharpie mark at the offsets. I recommend printing out the page and rewriting the offset numbers because they are very small and hard to read.

Then I drove a nail just a mm farther than the point and used a flexible batten to draw the line.
bottom line drawn
 I did the top line too, except I wanted to draw the curve by hand.
Drawing the second offset line.

Long view

Curve looks good.
The Shinto rasp worked great for knocking down the high spots when the pattern was placed on the hull.
I cut outside the lines, but unfortunately, I can't cut straight lines with my jigsaw. There were a  few nicks that were further in than I was comfortable.
Even worse, I measured the GigHarbor Boatworks trailer I bought from Dave. I'm worried that the skegs are too far forward for the roller wheels at the rear of the trailer, so I marked the low spots on the first pattern and traced it back onto the mason board. I cut a second pattern with a slightly longer curve.

The old pattern in front of the new pattern.

The new pattern
The new pattern seems to be pretty good.
I probably won't get much time this week to cut the skegs. I had planned on cutting 4 pieces from 3/4" plywood and laminating them together to make a 1 1/2" skeg. However, the message board is urging me to use hardwood. I will throw the pattern in my car and see if I can't find something acceptable at the lumber store.
I'll also need to figure out how to trim them to the pattern. I don't have a bottom roller trim bit.

The weather started to get colder, so epoxying is off the table for awhile until it warms up. That's ok because I'd like to get these skegs on first. Someone suggested dowels for placement and shear strength. I like that idea. 

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