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Friday, February 6, 2015

Cabin side holes and deck epoxied

Quincy and I spent some time sanding the seats and the fillets around the cabin sides. It looks good.

Simeon commented that I really should cut drain holes in the cabin sides, so I did that.

I made a cardboard cut out of the shape that i wanted and marked the holes I wanted.
I drilled a hole and used a coping saw and a file to cut the drain hole.

cardboard template, pencil line and 3/8" pilot hole

view from the inside.

put in the coping saw

after filing

the inside after filing.

close up.

Once that was done, the deck and cabin sides were ready to coat with epoxy.
Quincy did that today.
He did a good job and it looks good. The first coat was epoxy, the second had some white pigment in it, like I've been doing recently.

Front view

View from the rear.

When I got home tonight, Quincy showed me what he had done and he and I did some rasping of the mast hole and were able to dry fit the cabin top.
I need to pick up some lumber for the cabin side external cleats. I plan to use 3/4" pine rather than anything special. I used to have to some nice 5/4 VG fir that would have worked well, but I don't have enough linear.

I also would like to prime & paint inside the cabin before I glue on the top.

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