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Monday, February 16, 2015

Flipped the boat!

She has been flipped.

I got the family to help and followed the plan. It went alright. One problem is that the front is so heavy it's hard to hold. And I was afraid to tie it to anything; nothing is strong enough.
Another problem is that she really does not want to flip. The bottom is heavy and wants to be down.

Attaching the rope to the boweye.

Rope is over a hook.

Rope on the bronze boweye

Sawhorses ready. These were too weak.
We easily got her on her side. But it took a lot of control to get her all the way over. This was problematic.
1/2 way and resting on a moving dolly
We rested a bit, then did the final flip.
She's all the way over!
The first time seeing the bottom. We didn't have time at camp to paint the entire bottom.

She's on horses. I had to brace under the mast box.
I don't know if I'll flip her back this way. There was a lot of stress on that bow eye. And I think she'll want to flip quickly back to her original orientation. Although it will be easier because we won't have to lift her very high. I'll decide later.

Last night, I spent some time filling the gaps between planks. Wow, it took a lot of fillet mix to fill them.

Today I'm going to do some more filleting in the hopes of putting on 3" tape on the stem. I'm going to follow Howard's directions on the forum and put 3" tape, then 2" tape on the stem. Then I'm going to use 60" wide fabric to cover the entire bottom in one go. I don't plan to fillet the garboard until after I've done the fiberglassing, that way I can trim the fiberglass at the lap and cover it will a fillet. There will likely be a small gap at the beam that I'll have to fair by hand.
I'm considering using peel ply for the last coat. Any tips or advice on using peel ply? 

Finally, a picture of the top just before she was flipped. This is painted with 410 for easy sanding.
Top before flipping.

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