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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cabin top is done!

Tuesday morning I woke up and backed the screws out and back in one more time to make sure they weren't epoxied. None of them were.

Tuesday evening when I got home, I backed out the screws all the way. Nothing went "sproing"! The cabin top is now officially done!
Well, there is still a lot to do, doublers under the top, planing the sides, fibreglassing, etc. But this is just a huge milestone for me.
Toothpicks in the screw holes

Toothpicks in temporary screw holes and tape over permanent screws. 

Thanks to the scamp message board, I had some tricks; I filled the temporary screw holes with toothpicks and thickened epoxy. I also filled the permanent holes with epoxy and put tape over the top so that it cures flat.

I also epoxy painted the doublers that go under the cabin roof. I'll install those in the next few days; it should be easy. Then I need to round the corners of the cabin top and do some trimming.

I considered filleting under the cabin top, but I think that is much easier done when she is upside down.

The cabin top will be hard to fillet because of the angle. I have a filleting stick that Welsford made for me that has one sharp edge and one curved edge for scraping up fillet mix. Pressing that against the inside of the cabin and pulling it straight will make a nice fillet. 
Filleting stick used as a filleting stick

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