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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Filling the weave

The weather is indeed staying warm enough to work and I'm taking advantage of it.

This is a shot after I trimmed all the glass edges. 
glass edges trimmed.

 I filled some of the trimmed edges with 410 to make it easier to sand later.
I filled some of the trimmed edges with 410.
 I also filleted the 1st chine to cover the ragged glass edge.
Bow after fillets
 Here is how the sides looked after the fill and the fillet. On the starboard side, everything looks good.
You'll see the patch right below the filleted chine. That's because the day Scamp Camp finished, I drove the side of the boat into a pole at the Center for Wooden Boats. Yeesh. I guess I got the first bump out of the way as soon as I possibly could.
Starboard fill
 The port fill on the other hand, doesn't look as good.
Port side fill
Quincy and I have worked together to do 3 fill coats so far, one with straight epoxy, then two more with 410 mixed to about 3 tablespoons per 4-5 pumps. Enough to thicken it a bit, but not quite to ketchup yet.

The below are pictures after coat three.  You can really see that the 410 is clouding up the grain. It should be easy to sand.
I tried to clean up the stern with some very thick

Starboard still looks good

Port looks a lot better.

Tomorrow, I'd like to get some sanding done in the afternoon. If I'm really lucky (and I doubt that will happen, I may be able to put on the first coat of graphite epoxy.

In some of the shots, you can see the waterline that was so carefully scribed at scamp camp. The graphite will cover that up. So If I decide to paint at the DWL, then I'll have to re-scribe it.

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