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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fiberglassing the hull

Quincy and I fiberglassed the hull today. We used 60" wide 6oz fabric, which covered just about the whole boat with small exceptions at the beam.

First, I needed to reinforce the stem.
I had intended to put a layer of 3" then 2" glass on the stem, but I had some scraps laying around that were more like about 5" and 3", so I used those.
Stem with 5" glass

Stem with 3" glass over
I spent quite a bit of time making sure the bottom/garboard seam was fair. The large gap there was hard to fill.
I spent a small amount of time making sure the stem was faired out so that there wouldn't be any nasty bubbles. Then I dusted really well (including vacuuming off the ground) and taped off the bow and stern transoms to make a clear trim line to cut the glass.

I also taped up a skirt to protect from drips. That was a good idea.

glass laid out but not smoothed

smoothed out.

Stern with darts and plastic skirt

Then Quincy and I worked together for about 2 hours to get everything wet out. It went well. We had to work quickly when using batches of 4-5 pumps to make sure it didn't go off.
Here, I put some 410 on the glass seams to fair them out a bit.


I still need to trim the glass at the tape line. Then put a fillet on chine #1.
Then we start in on fill coats. I'll likely get a fill coat on later today, followed by 2 more fill coats. The last will be with 410 and 423 graphite powder.
I haven't decided what color to paint the boat. The entire family all have opinions. Someone needs to make a decision.

I'm hoping these days of 60 degree weather will last a little bit longer.

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