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Sunday, October 5, 2014

A break to build a ramp

Quincy ruptured his PCL a week before and was in a wheelchair. So I had to build him a ramp. At HomeDepot, I convinced a guy to cut a 4x8 sheet of pressure treated plywood to 3x5.
I also picked up some pressure treated 2x4s.
This is not ADA compliant, but it does work and it's not dangerous.
The ramp

front view
There are 3 2x4s that run laterally down the ramp to keep it from bowing. They terminate just in time to keep the slope correct.
There are 2 2x4s stacked on top of each other at the stair.
I had to use my flush cut saw to cut the top 2x4 at the correct angle. The 3 2x4s that run laterally sit inside the slots that I cut.
Then Nancy wanted it to be coated. I had 1/2 can of Gaco deck coating laying around (think of really thick waterproof paint.) So we decided to use it all. Nancy wanted a non-slip surface, so we dumped in a cup of sand while stirring it. The results look pretty good and it is not slick at all.
I have my doubts as to its longevity because the can said Gaco was not for pressure treated wood, but it will last for as long as we need it to last.

Looks good

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