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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sole hatches

Last evening, I decided that I wanted to double the battery well underside of the sole. I found a scrap piece that fit and glued it to the hatch. I do plan to put a doubler on the sole top as well, but this just ensures that I have good strength for an area that will likely see some foot traffic.

Extra strength on the sole
I also doubled a large part of the aftmost sole. This is on the bottom, I'll have to cut the hatch hole  through 2 layers of 9mm. And I'll add the sole doubler on top of that for a total of 27mm, which should be plenty strong.
Using a water bucket for weight to glue the underside sole doubler.
I'm getting to the point where I will want to glue those pieces down. It will still be quite awhile as I want to get the electrical done first.
Once I have those pieces glued down, I can take the existing sole doubler and cut around the hatches and lay that down. It should look nice.

I even ordered a tube of non-skid granules. I'll mix that into some epoxy and roll it onto just the doubler.

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