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Thursday, October 9, 2014

I’ve seen pictures of people running copper pipe through their rudder for the up haul and down haul lines and I wanted to do that.
I didn’t want to cut the plates individually because the 1/2 id copper is thicker than the plys and I don't trust my cuts to be consistent.
The plan is to glue together all the inner parts, then drill out an arc with forstner bits.
Then I could insert the copper and glue it down.

First, I drilled pilot holes so I had the same arc on the left and right halves.
Then I drilled with the forstner to the right depth.
You can't see in that shot (you can in the first) that I had to clip one of the dowels. No big deal, I'll fill that dowel hole in the cheek later.

It seemed to work fairly well. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good pictures of the copper glued down before I glued on the cheeks.

I micro ballooned the visible sides and graphited the inner parts.

Microballons to smooth it all out. Tape was over the copper.

Also microballooned the top.

And graphited the inner.

The next step is to glue the cheeks on and then coat them.

I mentioned earlier that I wanted to hang the centerboard and rudder for final coating. I got that done and they look good. I'll get around to sanding & priming the rudder. I might leave the centerboard black. Not sure yet.
Hanging centerboard and rudder, graphited.

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