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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Motor from Gig Harbor Boat Works arrived today

Today I got the motor from Gig Harbor Boat Works.

I had ordered the 55lb thrust motor. It turns out it is what I figured -- an engine mount motor from MinnKota and a custom fabricated bracket. The bracket is 2 aluminum u-channel pieces with mounting holes and a black heavy phenolic engine mount that slides in the u-channel.

The mounting bracket in the channels

Another view
I'll have to figure out how low to mount the bracket. I'll also want to figure out a way to make a stop so that the engine and mount can't fall all the way out.
The motor. It's quite large and heavy.

The controller. The remote control is upside down.

The bracket attached to the motor
Unfortunately, the controller did not have a circuit breaker or fuse. It's almost like they expect you to hook it up without a circuit breaker. The manual says the USCG requires circuit protection, but they don't actually include any. I picked up a simple 60a circuit breaker switch. I'll install that inline before the motor.
My circuit diagram has not changed. I've added a simple bus block that will be located near the circuit breaker panel switch, but that is just for convenience later if I have to wire something else.

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  1. Jeff -

    Dan Coffman has this motor and bracket on his GH SCAMP, Snug, #281. As luck would have it he keeps it, I think, on the Ship Canal near South Lake Union. With your kit-boat things will be different but the motor mount height and placement should be similar. Send him a pm on the SCA Board. Maybe you could sweet talk him into a spin this weekend. You must have seen and met them at the Red Lantern Rally
    and https://www.facebook.com/SmallCraftAdvisorMagazineProject/photos/pb.345160208856190.-2207520000.1414685118./748911078481099/?type=3&theater