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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


The  hatches arrived. I order them from DPI marine and they appear to be just what I wanted.
I ordered four 13x24 hatches. 2 for the entries into the cabin, 1 for the floor hatch behind bulkhead 6 and one for over the water ballast well. I've decided that the water ballast well will not be a water well, it will contain some AGM battery cells for the trolling motor I'm going to install. More about that later. (Note, I may end up getting a larger hatch, depending on the size of the batteries.
Two 18x16 hatches for the floor hatches right behind B3.
2 round 8" hatches for just afore of the transom. These are just simple access hatches. It's likely I will put on some shelves under the seats in the back to hold small items.
8" round
 Finally, two 11x17 hatches to go between bulkhead 5 and 6.

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