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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Glassing the rudder

Quincy and I were working on sanding the inside of the hull.

But we got bored and I wanted to get that centerboard glued up. We messed around with figuring out how to get the two halves glued together with a lot of weight. We finally decided we could fill a couple buckets with water. I also put some tile on top.

Gluing up the centerboard
I used a lot of weight, because the rudder had a few small open spots on the side where it didn't get clamped quite tight enough. I didn't shape those well enough and got bubbles under the glass. I don't know of a good way to fill those, so I had to cut out the glass and fill it with micro balloons.
Here is a shot of one side of the rudder glassed. I did it on the flat rather than on the side. I probably should have done it the way the manual said. I ended up getting some glass overlapped and it was a pain to sand.

The rudder glassed.
Somewhere in here, I got a shot of the bow. We've sanded quite a bit of the inside of the bow, but it's tedious.
The bow
Back to the rudder, I decided to use epoxy with microballons to fill in some of the lumpy spots rather than sand through the glass. Below is a shot of the micro balloons filling some of the rough spots. That worked rather well after sanding.

Smoothing with micro balloons.

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