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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Rudder, centerboard and priming the bow storage

 The centerboard needed some fairing on the edges also. I should have followed the manual because the wrap around got messy. If I had followed the manual, I would have draped the cloth around one edge vertically.
Microballoon fairing of the CB
I had good luck fairing the hull with microballons, so I mixed some up and coated the rudder. I also filled the holes in preparation for drilling. I was nervous about the drilling because I need the holes to be perfectly vertical. I used the drill press to drill perpendicular holes (no pictures). I think I got them straight.
perpendicular holes

The hole for the downhaul is a bit off
Bronze bushings (ordered from McMaster) will go in the large pivot hole. The small hole is for a downhaul line.
I plan to coat the rudder with graphite impregnated epoxy once it is fair. More pics of that later.

Quincy primed the bow cabin with Rustoleum primer in prep for painting. We had 3 coats of epoxy over the entire thing before we primed it. We'll do that for the entire boat.

Quincy primed the bow cabin

Primed, Note the spots left for hatches

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