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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Centerboard drilling. Ooops

I dry fit the bushings in the holes and tried to poke a bolt through.
It didn't go through. Somehow the holes were off.

I was confounded for awhile. My plan with the guide blocks should have worked.
I left for awhile and built the ramp and did a few other tasks to think about it.

Finally I decided I could try putting in the centerboard and get the pin straight.
The centerboard with weight was quite heavy, and I didn't think I could pull it back out again, so I made packing tape handles.
Packing tape handles on the centerboard
I put the centerboard in the trunk and put the pin through the centerboard bushings. I carefully adjusted the centerboard to be in the exact center of the trunk. I also added some spacers of scrap to make sure it stayed centered.
taped in spacers
The pin was in the bushing on the outboard side, went through the aligned centerboard and came out.
This is what I got:
Pin slightly off center
You can tell the pin is slightly off center.
I think I may have reversed the plate, but I'm not certain exactly how the misalignment occurred.

In any case, now I had the pin right where I wanted it. I didn't want to confuse the old holes, so I put on the 1/2" plate vertically and re-drilled my 1/4" dowel alignment holes. (no picture)
Then I re-drilled the 7/8" hole.
After re-drilling the 7/8" hole.
I then did my trick of packing tape on a board on the inside of the trunk and packing tape over the epoxy & silica filled hole. I waited for it to dry and then re-drilled the 3/4" bushing hole. That's another post.

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  1. Nice job on the recovery from the Ooops. John Welsford says there is not much you can't fix with a bit of epoxy, filler, and an angle grinder. Hopefully it never gets to that extreme :-)