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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Drilling the pin plates

At first, I thought I had to have 2 plates, one permanently mounted on the outer side of the centerboard trunk and one that was permanently mounted to the pin. I decided that wasn't necessary. I read a lot of posts on the SCAMP message board and saw that often times people put in complex mounts. After thinking about it, I decided 4 screws in the 1/4" holes and into the trunk would be fine. I didn't need a complicated system here.
I did have to make small rings in the plugs to cover the slightly proud bushings. I've also picked up some 1/2" red o-rings that will need to fit in there and seal the water out. (McMaster-Carr made me buy 50 of them so I've got extra.)
Plates after filling then re-drilling.

what it looks like with the pin.
I also glued on the inner plate. This had already been coated twice on the inside, so it was ready to be mounted. Spreader bar clamps are awesome.
Permanently mounting the inner plate.
And here it is a few days later after I flush cut the dowels and painted the outside.

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