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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Back at the build

Today I got to spend some time in the garage working. I hadn't worked since Monday night and it was good to get back at it.

I wasn't very productive today, but I did get some sanding done. After I got that done, I primed the rudder.
Rudder primed
Since I had the primer opened, I primed the wells behind B3.
Wells primed
I also mixed up some epoxy and glued on some cleats in the very rear well between B7 & B8. I had to plane them down a bit to get them to fit, but they will be very nice to hold up the sole when it goes on.
I also used that epoxy to glue on some doublers on the battery well hatch. I didn't get a picture of that.
shiny wet epoxy

I also picked up a couple of electrical items today. I needed a bit of extra red #6 wire. Be sure to use marine wire if you do electrical. It is copper wire, but it has been tinned for extra corrosion resistance.

I started to crimp up my wiring today.

Tomorrow, I should be able to paint in the wells and the front enclosed cabin. I think I should be able to do a 3rd coat on the foot well and the rear wells also. Then next week I might find the time to prime those wells.
I think I'll have to mix up some fairing putty also to smooth out the ovals and a few areas in the veranda.

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