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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hatches, Continued

The hatches were cut, but needed doublers.
gluing in the doublers

the back of the doublers.
 As long as I had the seats down, I had been putting them on and they fit poorly. Well the shinto rasp did a wonderful job of shaping the sticky areas and getting the seat tops just where I wanted them.
Seats fit great after rasping

Seat fit
Since I had the handy circular saw out, I wanted to cut more doublers. Since the hatches in the front are so large, I'm probably not going to put down any sole doubler there. So that means doublers under the sole.

Sole doublers.

Here is what it looks like down
 I did put in some cleats to hold up the sole behind B3. The cleats are attached to the planks. I'll have pictures later.

I cut out the trunk and the hatches. There is a lot of room to sit.

The other side.

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