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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Transom doublers

Since I bought the trolling motor, I would need to double up the transom under the seats for sure. I cut some rough approximations of the are under the cleats and shaped them with the shinto rasp.
I did this for port and starboard.
I decided to go with 2x 9mm doublers on each side.

The doublers cut from scrap

I glued the first one on and used a spreader clamp to push it.

spreader on port side

spreader on starboard side.
After that was cured, I mixed up some wood flour filleting mix and filled in the sides that were rough. Then I glued in the second set of plates. While that was curing, I filleted that.
I may get some pictures and add a new post.
This should be plenty beefy for the motor mount.

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