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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Still drilling for hatches

Today I spent even more time drilling for hatches, this time on the seats.
I also spent some time cleaning up the ones in the forward hatches.
Tape spots over the 1/4" holes

More tape

I wanted to prime the rudder, but after sanding, I still felt it wasn't fair enough.
So I slapped on another coat of 410 thickened epoxy, this time applied with a foam brush. It looks very good and maybe I'll get around to sanding it this week. Hopefully then it can get primed and painted and then I can get one big checkmark done.
Although I still need to make a tiller and put on the pintles & gudgeons.
Another coat of 410.

I sanded this by hand with 120 for tooth for the primer

Oh, and the 410 is easy to sand. Easier than the TAP microballons. Almost too easy. The jury is still out on when I will will use microballons and when to use 410.

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